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Lace up those Vive trackers and get ready to dance until you drop in this funky Dance Dance Revolution inspired VR game! When you've mastered the way of the groove, you can load in your own user-generated song and tracks to jam your own way~

You can use Vive/Tundra trackers, or if you don't have any, you can also strap your controllers to your feet instead!

This game was built for OpenXR, so it should be playable on any PCVR compatible headset. Tested with Tundra trackers and index controllers, but let me know if you're running into issues with other headsets! Quest headsets are not supported right now!


  • Vive/Tundra tracker support
  • Standard controller support (tape them to your shoes I guess lol)
  • 3 built in songs, each with 3 difficulties
  • Custom song support
  • Free, and open source


Type Asset Author License Changes
LibraryMathFS Freya Holmér MIT License
Librarysmflite Keijiro

LibraryDoTween DemiGiant Not committed
Library Odin Inspector Odin Not committed
CodeVive Tracker OpenXR Profile thep3000

FontPress Start 2P Font codeman38 SIL Open Font License (OFL)
ShaderGradient Skybox Shader Alex Strook

BGMRaspberry Jam congusbongus CC0 1.0 Universal
BGMSweet 70s Clement Panchout CC BY 4.0
BGMMiami Soul Neocrey CC-BY-SA 3.0
BGMBack to the 70s Zodik CC BY 3.0
SFXApplause in a large hall or church eXpl0it3r CC0 1.0 Universal
SFXFree Crowd Cheering Sounds Gregor Quendel CC BY 4.0
SFX512 Sound Effects (8-bit style) SubspaceAudio CC0 1.0 Universal
TexturesLens-Flares and Particles hc CC BY 3.0
TexturesCrosshair Pack Kenney CC0 1.0 Universal
TexturesUI Pack: Space Expansion Kenney CC0 1.0 Universal
ModelsDisco Ball Ouren CC BY 3.0 Extruded faces to add more detail
ModelsPirate Kit Kenney CC0 1.0 Universal


Disco Queen - Dancing FeVR (v1-0-0) 68 MB
Disco Queen - Dancing FeVR (v1-0-1) 68 MB

Install instructions

Download, extract, and run. Make sure to have SteamVR running!

This is not a Quest game, so it will need to be played on desktop.

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