A downloadable game for Windows

A fast-paced, physics-based, Attack on Titan inspired game. Swing around from the grapple hooks on  your swords, and take down huge enemies, before they destroy the gate!

This game is very much liable to make you nauseous, so I recommend playing seated, even if you're used to VR. If you start to feel sick, please stop playing, and maybe come back once you're feeling better!

This game is playable on any SteamVR compatible headset. Tested on Index/Knuckles.



  • Trigger: Shoot grappling hook, interact with settings UI
  • Left Control Stick: Smooth Locomotion
  • Right Control Stick: Snap Turn
  • Grip: Retract rope. This will pull you towards the grapple, if it's attached to something.
  • Left Controller A (Lower face button): Open settings menu
  • Right Controller A (Lower face button): Jump
  • Right Controller B (Upper face button): Toggle slow motion


Resource Author License Modifications
Freya Holmer's Math Library (Mathfs) Freya Holmer
MIT License
Shapes Freya Holmer Paid asset store asset
Not included in git repo
mstevenson's Configurable Joint Extension methods Michael Stevenson

Mixamo Mannequin Model

Kenny's Low Poly Weapon Pack (No longer available for download) Kenny CC0 1.0 Tweaked longsword model
Kenny’s City Kit (Suburban) Kenny CC0 1.0
Kenny’s Fantasy Town Kit Kenny CC0 1.0
Kenny’s Game Icons 1 Kenny CC0 1.0
Kenny’s Game Icons 2 Kenny CC0 1.0 Tweaked an icon to make an HMD icon
Kenny’s UI Pack; Space Expansion Kenny CC0 1.0
Kenny’s Voiceover Pack: Fighter Kenny CC0 1.0
Kenny’s Impact Sounds Kenny CC0 1.0
Kenny’s Interface Sounds Kenny CC0 1.0
RPG Sound Pack artisticdude CC0 1.0
Grass 001 Lamoot CC-BY 3.0
Dirt 001 Lamoot CC-BY 3.0
Outdoor Stone Floor Sindwiller CC-BY-SA 3.0
Heroes Theme Alexander Zhelanov CC-BY 3.0
5 Chiptunes (Action) SubspaceAudio CC0 1.0 Converted from .wav to .ogg
Menu Music mrpoly CC0 1.0
Clouds Skybox 1 Luke.RUSTLTD CC0 1.0
Zombie / Skeleton / Monster Voice Effects ArcadeParty CC0 1.0
Fleshy Fight Sounds will_leamon OGA-BY 3.0
Chomsky Font Fredrick Brennann SIL Open Font License
DejaVU Serif Font DejaVu Fonts DejaVU Fonts License


the-tall-wall-falls_the-inner-gates-last-stand_v1-0.zip 121 MB

Install instructions

Download, extract, and run "the-tall-wall-falls_the-inner-gates-last-stand.exe".


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I can't tell, is this game purely VR or also compatible with just a pc setup?

This is VR for PC only, as opposed to something that would run natively on a Quest/Quest 2. More specifically, this game runs on SteamVR (desktop PC)